Angel Healing


Mr & Mrs James D.
San Leandro, California

Hi Deanne!

Wow!  Let's just say that the Pendants are working very well! Shockingly well!  

Thank you once again for all your work, ......  My wife and I are loving our pendants.

- Jim
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Jupiter, Florida

Dearest Deanne,

I've received my pendant.  It is exquisite!  I can't keep my eye's off of it, and find myself touching it often.  

I am so emotionally moved.

Much love and blessing to you,


Stewartsville, New Jersey

My dearest Deanne,

guess what I just received in the mail?! Oh I absolutely LOVE my pendant!

Your work is stunning on this special crystal!

My goodness, the aura formation is even more amazing to see in person!

Heartfelt thanks to you!
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Hello Deanne,

I just received your package safely today.
The stones are absolutely wonderful and the pendants more beautiful than on the pictures. I love them !!!   They are ............. WOW !!    I can't find the words to say how great they are.   I'm so happy !!!
Many thanks for your excellent work, for the card and for your kindness.
Many blessings to you!

C. Wandel
Hartville, Ohio

Owner, Amish Furniture of Ohio

"Dear Deanne

If one is on the path to enlightenment/empowerment a beautiful crystal can be a potent tool. 

Then to be aided in one's personal selection by a highly intuitive & sensitive artist such as your self, is a winning combination.

I have personally experienced wonderful growth and specific, long term "issues" have been gratefully resolved.

There is no doubt that the changes can be attributed to the focused energy the crystal shares. It is a joy to wear.

Thank you for sharing all your gifts." 

Burlington, Vermont


I cant tell you how much I love the Tibetan Quartz pendant.  So much love for your work and it really shows.

Thank you so much, I've been wearing it since I signed for the package!  I made a hemp necklace for the time being for it.

I just want to say thank you for your wise words and your time. I'm sure I will be talking to you soon.


Betty and Christina
Boston, Massachusetts

"I love Deanne's crystals and wear one of her pendants every day because they have such an amazing energy!

I feel protected from the various energies I come into contact with on a daily basis and have felt much calmer and at peace since wearing her crystal pendants.  

She even made a special crystal for my bird Sunny that hangs in her cage and I have noticed that she is calmer, more relaxed and even happier as well."

from Betty

 "Deanne's crystal pendants have an extremely high vibration and radiate love!  

My friend Lisa purchased an apophyllite pendant from Deanne for my birthday last year and the energy that was infused in the crystal is very sacred. 

Wearing the pendant raises my vibration and brings my healing sessions, psychic readings, and the classes I teach to a whole new vibratory level.  

I am very grateful and honored to have been gifted with such a beautiful gem."

from Christina



The Kiwi Aura Quartz pendant came today,  I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes as I opened the box.  She is so amazing thank u.

I just keep clutching it to my heart with goosebumps for the longest time. 

Funny thing, I had a screaming migraine and nausea and couldn't go to work today.  Within a half hour of the kiwi being in my possession my migraine was nearly gone just the remnants of the vice in my head left.  There are just no coincidences :)  

Will keep in touch and I will be back for more pendants, no doubt.  

Love and light to you.  Xoxo 

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Lindsay Duran
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Hello Deanne!

My life has changed so much.  I have come to realize the angels around me and have found my true path. 

Thank you for your kindness, and for doing what you do.  I really feel like I am changing inside.  My confidence is growing, I have more patience!!  And I'm facing my self, getting to the root of my problems, and I feel like someone is there helping me. 

I am very grateful for your talent and gift to help people like myself.  

I really appreciate who you are and the kindness you have shown me.  I was so excited when I purchased the Chariote, and my heart is just warm and it's hard to describe.

North Carolina

Dear Deanne, 

Thank You so very much for the lovely energy, I love my pendant so much! 

The scroll (not sure what to call the gold) that holds the crystal is so beautiful. 

I put the pendant on my chain and was wearing around my neck and was guided to hold up to 3rd eye and then above the crown and could feel such beautiful energy aligning my chakras and it felt so lovely! The energy is strong yet gentle.

I will treasure this gift !!! 

I feel so Blessed to have found you, Amazing Light That you Are!!! 

Love to You! 

Nancy M.
Chicago Illinois

Hi Deanne,
My pendant arrived today as scheduled!!  

OMG, I can't believe how gorgeous it is in person.  It was beautiful in the picture, but even more so in person.  

I love the size and I love the gold.  

Absolutely perfect.  I will be wearing this every single day.
Thank you so much for your guidance and for this beautiful pendant.

Ms. Kelly B.
Stow, Ohio
Attorney at Law 

"I met Deanne at a wellness open house and instantly wanted to pick out several of the pretty and fun crystals she had.

But as Deanne explained to me, Unakite was the divinely inspired crystal that had the greatest healing power for me. 

Unakite crystals are associated with the healing of damage in the Heart Chakra and issues of abandonment, and assist with releasing self-imposed blockages (such as suppression of emotions!) that prevent you from achieving your goals.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that this was the pendant I needed, but deep down I knew this was absolutely correct.  I needed more than tapping into happy go lucky emotions with a pretty crystal.   

Years of working in my chosen profession as an attorney had left me exhausted fighting everyone else’s battles.  I had shut down my heart, my feelings, and had stopping fighting for myself.  I had stopped feeling faith or joy.   

However, being a strong-willed (some might say stubborn!) person, I often need to be smacked in the face with my obstacles.  Once I am conscious and awake about them, I always pursue a solution, but for me, change, no matter how wonderful it is in the end, is painful. 

My Unakite pendant and I have had a love/hate relationship for many months now.  My Unakite crystal is a beautiful deep green color wrapped in gold, my favorite colors.  Every time I wear it I can sense the power that this crystal will give me.  

My Unakite crystal has helped me open up and constructively express my emotions, a positive thing in my own defense.  I have established new ground rules and boundaries to defend my dignity, and have stopped tolerating meanness and being used.

My Unakite crystal pendant is not about being pretty jewelry – but a powerful tool for healing.  At times, I’d rather be wearing a “feel-good” pendant, but the empowerment that comes with being supportive of my own pride and dignity is amazing. 

I’ll stay with my Unakite pendant that challenges my comfort zone, because it is driving me to do what’s in my highest and best interest. " 

Chicago, Illinois


I've been on the winning end ever since I let myself look inside of me and with your help it's been very easy.

Thank you for your wisdom and talent to put together the beautiful gems that hold me together.

I've been in counseling for over 20 years and until I found your website and told my counselor what I was getting into (she also believes in chakras), I've never been happier with myself.

I have purchased pendants from other people,,, but when I hold your pieces, I feel something powerful. 

Thank you for everything. My pendant is more beautiful than the pix. Thank you so much once again.

Inner peace is better than any happiness on the outside,


Hello Deanne,
As promised, I'm writing you to let you know that I received your package safely today.
The pendants are really beautiful! Many thanks for your kind words and for your blessings.
I'm very happy with my purchase and with your great communication.
Many thanks for your kindness.


Ms. D. King
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

My job requires me to speak in front of groups of people and very often I could not clear the constant “frog” from my throat even with multiple attempts.  It was subtly undermining my credibility and I seemed to project a lack of confidence.  I contacted Deanne to prescribe a crystal for me that would help me have a clear throat and clear, powerful, confident voice.

After listening to my concerns Deanne prescribed a kyanite crystal.  Along with being a beautiful stone, Kyanite is very specific to the throat, throat muscles, the throat chakra, the voice and communication.  It also frees energy blocks. 

I can enthusiastically say that the results have been incredible.  Within a few days of wearing the crystal I noticed changes in the clarity of my throat and strength of my voice.  Coworkers noticed and complemented the change in my energy as well.  I keep the crystal with me every day. 

Thank You Deanne!

Lorrean Whited
San Diego, California


"I recently had the pleasure to work with Deanne on my first home clearing via email as she is not located near me.  She has been so helpful and informative, walking me through the entire process step by step.

Even though she was not present physically, she did her work metaphysically to assist and guide me through the entire process.  

My house has been in my family for over a hundred years and I always felt uneasy, not settled; after the clearing I can feel the shift in energy and I couldn't be happier".

Sally M. 

My Niece in England was in her late teens and although previously an outgoing and "bubbly" young lady who excelled in school, attended  Drama and Acting classes and loved the arts...... suddenly got quite sad, quiet and dark.

I had been talking to my Sister one day, when I realized just how long this situation had been going on, and how bad it had become. 

My niece was no longer interacting with friends or family.  She was staying home in her room and had decided that University was not something worth pursuing. 

I felt pretty helpless being 4000 miles away but wanted to help, and Deanne suggested a crystal that would help her.

I was not sure that my Niece would be open to the idea of crystal therapy or any "help" at all really.
Deanne made the crystal into a beautiful pendant that she could wear or just hang in her room and I sent it off with a brief explanation (not too deep) and lots of love.

Within weeks my Niece was feeling a little more interactive and within a few months she applied at a University on the other side of the country!  She moved into an apartment and was enjoying life again. She has since Graduated from University and has a very good job that she loves in a theater company.

She is once again a wonderfully outgoing, bubbly, happy young lady.

Thank you for your insight, unbelievably talent and the love and light  that you put into each one of your pendants.  You have made a difference in our families lives in the USA and in England and will continue to do so.

With gratitude.

Kate Carothers
Naples, Florida


What a beautiful stone! This crystal arrived at my home at just the right time. As soon as held it I knew it was special. I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful crystal. I have a sense of clarity when it is on or around me. I breath deeper and take it all in slowly. I find that if I'm wearing it I don't engage in things that don't serve me. I like to hold the crystal to my heart at night while I pray and meditate. I feel like it has a nurturing energy too.

Another thing I have noticed is that if I sleep next to the crystal my dreams are more vivid and I wake up remembering them. This Is great for me as I keep a dream journal. 

I recently decided to quit drinking and doing anything that may alter me. My focus is to deepen my connection with god. If I'm having a craving or wanting to check out.... I hold my crystal for a while..... and it goes away.


I know this crystal had been a powerful part of my recovery and I am eternally grateful to have it in my presence.

I will cherish it always. 

With light, love and gratitude I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Kate :) 

Nancy Nicholas
Wadsworth, Ohio
Intuitive Life Coach 

"Before I received the pendant from Deanne I was experiencing unrest and unhappiness tied to an emotional wounding from my past.    As soon as I picked up the pendant that Deanne had intuitively selected and designed for me, I felt a deeply soothing, healing energy wash over me. 

Over the course of the last couple of months of wearing the pendant, I have experienced a major emotional healing and transformation. 

As someone who is highly sensitive and intuitive, I deeply appreciate Deanne's ability to connect to Spirit while selecting and creating her art." 

Ken Lyons   
Richfield, Ohio
Retired Police Sergeant, U.S. Marine, and Vietnam Veteran

"Prior to meeting Deanne, I had been experiencing intermittent chest pain, shortness of breath, and  lightheadedness for years.  Various medications and two heart attacks later I was still experiencing the annoying symptoms.

I decided to try alternative methods to complement my medical treatments.  After a consultation and evaluation by Deanne, she selected a large, beautiful Malachite stone which she fashioned into an attractive pendant.

I had been wearing it only a couple days when I noticed a significant decrease in my symptoms.  A few days later I was free of symptoms.

I feel Deanne is a gifted healer.  She has really made a difference in my life." 

Joel L.
Stow, Ohio
5th grader

"Ever since I was really young I have always felt everything that everyone around me feels; their thoughts, their feelings, their energy.  It makes me really distracted all the time, and it’s hard to focus in school.  It takes away my own energy and sometimes it’s scary.  I would keep my TV on to block out the feelings coming from everything around me.  I eat a lot to keep my own energy going, or act hyper a lot to wear off the energy from other people that isn’t mine. 

My mom and dad gave me a Blue Tiger Eye pendant from Deanne for Christmas.  She decided what would help me best. 

I love it because it’s also called Hawk’s Eye, and my mom and dad say I have eagle eyes and hearing!  I wear it to school everyday now. 

I can feel the strong energy coming from my stone, and it makes me feel more calm and relaxed.  I am not hungry as much because I can keep my own energy up.  It keeps other people’s energy off me and protects me so I can enjoy school. "  

Richard L.
Stow, Ohio
Nursing Supervisor

"My wife went to an open house and met D.M. Angel.  She was intrigued by the unusual crystal and stone pendants Deanne made, and wanted to give me a crystal pendant as a Christmas gift. 

After meeting and interviewing me, Deanne intuitively selected a large, deep purple Cave Fluorite crystal in a wand shape, wrapped in silver.  The pendant is unique and beautiful in a masculine way; I receive compliments every time I wear it.  

I wear the crystal pendant to work under my uniform.  The Cave Fluorite crystal increases my confidence, dispels chaos in my thought processes, and helps bring clarity to my decision making in any situation.

Further, It increases my intuition about other people’s thinking and when they are being truthful or disingenuous with me.  I am generally a kind and somewhat soft spoken person, but as a supervisor, the crystal has helped me to feel stronger, more assertive, and really good about myself, my work and my abilities. 

Simply put, the crystal reminds me of what I truly am at my core, and reminds me these wonderful qualities are available to me to use at any time."

Ms. W.A.
Dover, Delaware 

Hi Deanne,
I received my pendant today AND I LOVE IT!  

It was well timed, as I awoke this morning in deep stress and full of anxiety.  I am wearing my pendant now and looking forward to the benefits of my angels communications and guidance in lifting the clouds.
I am grateful for all that you have given me. 

Thank you.