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Client's own smokey quartz crystal - yellow gold metal

Pendants can be custom created, using your own personal crystal, or a crystal matching your specifications (specimen type, color, raw or polished, length and width) can be sourced for you.  

Custom pendants can be designed according to your desires with your choice of metal....

Metal choices can be one of the following, or the increasing in popularity, "Two-Toned " (a main base color with an alternate accent color): 

.925 Argentium Sterling Silver- the very best Anti-Tarnish Sterling available. economical, and extremely long lasting.   

10k, 14k, 18k and 24k Yellow Gold- very expensive; cost based on market prices. 

14k Yellow Gold-filled - an economical, beautiful and durable gold option.  Note:  this is not plated! 14k GF is 58.5% pure gold, which has been filled with pure jeweler’s brass.  The gold layer on gold-filled metal will not chip off or wash off.   If a person were to wear a 14/20 gold-filled piece of jewelry every day continuously, the gold would be expected to last from 5 to 30 years.

10k Rose Gold - the luxury of gold at a fraction of the cost, this pinkish gold metal is the new hot color in jewelry design.

If you desire a personal consultation with a recommendations to assist in the choosing of a crystal for your particular need, desire or goal.

Please contact: Deanne Angel at:  / 330.604.4834